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At El Tigi Consulting, we listen to your organization's talent development needs. With over 20 years of professional consulting experience, we partner with senior management to deliver customized quality solutions  strongly aligned to each business strategy and vision. Our solutions are cost beneficial, improve performance metrics, and ensure that workforce development is personalized to the individual as well as impacts business outcomes.  Working closely with clients in IT, Insurance, Manufacturing, and Not-for- profit services, we design, deliver, and evaluate training sessions, facilitate planning and requirements gathering sessions, and identify workflow process gaps focusing on end users. 

We adhere to the standards and recommendations put out by the American Talent Development Association. For a visual on the various services offered check out this video.

Our Services

Training Impact Evaluation and Assessment

We apply a systems approach to performance evaluation. We conduct an environmental scan and gather employee experience data to determine the extent to which your environment is empowering, supportive, and motivating.


We evaluate the effectiveness of training  in achieving desired outcomes. We execute your training and employee skills development vision. 

We conduct

  • training needs assessment 

  • current and future state analysis

  • 4 levels of evaluation

  • impact evaluation on business results and ROI



Capability is about integrating knowledge and skills and adapting and flexing to meet future needs. We can assist in defining a successful job profile so that development plans are aligned to what success looks like.


This includes defining the necessary skillset, knowledge, and expected behavior that a company should possess.


By analyzing and outlining the necessary skills and attributes needed for a company, this will help you stand out in comparison to your industry competitors.

Project Management Training and PMI CAPM Certification Coaching

We work to initiate, plan, and execute actions within a team. Through identifying and establishing your goals, this focuses and ensures that we can meet your goals and needs within the allocated time frame. 

We also conduct business and on-the-job training. Training is tailored and delivered to suit the skill sets and requirements needed for a company to function at its best.

  • Project Management Fundamentals Trainer

  • Facilitated strategic planning sessions

  • Facilitate workflow and process gap analysis and development

  • Business acumen training delivery

Instructional Design

· Design a training program curriculum plan.

. Develop customized course content in collaboration with subject matter experts that adheres to adult learning principles of content design and learning processes.

Develop a course guide that will service as a training tool for the facilitators.

· Design interactive virtual experience for end-users.  

Strategic Planning Facilitation and Data Analysis

Collaborate with senior management and visionaries to conduct large group meetings that incorporate communication of strategy, feedback from front line employees and engages in various activities to support continuous improvement initiatives.

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